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Workers Compensation


If you have been injured at work it is very important to give prompt notice of your injury to your employer. Be sure your employer fills out and files a First Report of Injury and files it with the employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier. Failure to give notice may keep you from getting the benefits you deserve. It is unlawful for your employer to discriminate against any employee who files a worker compensation claim. Your employer may not fire or treat you unfairly for making a claim for your benefits.

When seeing a medical provider for your injury be sure to tell your doctor or nurse how you were injured and every part of your body that was injured.

If your work related injury is so severe that your doctor puts you off work you may be entitled to Temporary Total Disability benefits or TTD.

All your work related medical expenses should also be paid by Worker Compensation.

If you are permanently injured at work you may also be entitled to Permanent Partial Disability benefits or PPD.

If you have any difficulty getting these benefits contact an experienced Worker Compensation attorney. for a free consultation.  We only get paid if you win your case.